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Oval Wellness Plan

Save money on your pet's preventative treatments

At the Oval Pet Centre Ltd we know that you want to keep your pet in the best possible health and we believe that prevention is better than cure.

Regular health examinations, a quality diet and timely application of preventative health treatments are the best care you can provide. Early diagnosis of health problems will also help your pet to live a long and happy life. We are committed to providing high-quality treatment at sensible prices. To enable pet owners to spread the cost of routine preventative health care, we have designed our own practice membership scheme — The Oval Wellness Plan.

A pet health plan is not pet insurance. It covers the regular treatments your pet needs throughout life, such as vaccinations, flea and worm treatments and regular health assessments. Extra benefits include discounts on food and other routine treatments your best friend might need. Speak to one of our team today to find out how you can save money and worry, while providing for your pets ongoing health.

Open Wellness Plans and Prices

  • Small Dog under 10kg - £13.99 per month 
  • Medium Dog 10 - 25kg - £14.99 per month 
  • Large Dog 25 - 40kg - £16.99 per month 
  • Giant Dog over 40kg - £24.99 per month 
  • Cat - £13.50 per month 
  • Rabbit - £7.99 per month 

The Oval Wellness Plan provides your pet with:

  • Annual Health Check and Booster Vaccination*

  • Flea Treatments excluding rabbits (sufficient for 12 months)

  • 10% discount on selected services including: Vet Consultations, Dentals, Neutering and Nurse Consultations

  • 5% Discount on all shop items

  • Includes a microchip for pets on the plan 

  • £10 off on Puppy Classes

  • Wormer (sufficient for 12 months).

  • Practice insurance claim fees waived for Plan Members 

*Vaccinations included

Dog: Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Leptospirosis
Cat: Flu, Entiritis, Leukaemia
Rabbit: Myxomatosis, Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease

Vaccinations not included but discounted by 10%

Dog: Kennel Cough (intranasal)

PLEASE NOTE: The discount is available to clients for the stated procedures undertaken exclusively at our practice, and at no other clinics. Private cremations, out-of-hours consultations and referrals are not eligible for discount. 

The Oval Wellness Plan is easy to join. You will be required to complete a direct debit form* and make 3 upfront monthly payments plus a one off admin fee of £10 in the Practice. Your Pet will then be covered immediately for their preventative health treatments.

Our Practice staff are happy to answer any queries you may have. Just contact one of our practices to find out more about our Oval Wellness Plan.

*First direct debit payment is taken 3 months after initial payment