The Pet Travel Scheme ("PETS") is a system which allows animals to travel to many countries in Europe and beyond and also to return to the UK without having to go into quarantine on return. Different countries, especially outside of Europe, have different requirements; please see the                 website for the most up to date and detailed information for your particular destination. Taking your pet on holiday with you can be very rewarding experience for all the family, but you need to consider firstly if your pet is a good traveller and will enjoy the journey.



What do I have to do?


  • Your pet needs to be microchipped

  • They need to be vaccinated against rabies

  • They need a health check and have a EU pet passport issued

  • On their return into the UK (or just before departure for day/weekend trips), dogs must receive a tapeworm treatment, administered by a vet. It is advisable to find a local vet near your holiday destination who can do this for you.

  • In addition to the requirements for the PETS scheme, some countries can have diseases or parasites which are not found in the UK. Although it is not a requirement for travel, it is advisable that pets are protected against these 'exotic diseases' – the vet will discuss the individual pet's needs when issuing the passport.

  • Countries outside of Europe will have different requirements, which vary depending on the destination. These can include additional vaccinations or blood tests.

  • Find a suitable mode of transport for your pet. Taking your pet in the car (by tunnel or ferry) means you can stay with them throughout the journey. If travelling by air, your pet may require a healthcheck so that a Veterinary Surgeon can issue them a certificate proving they are fit to travel.


How long does it take?


  • All the above can be done at the same visit

  • You can travel out to Europe 3 weeks following the rabies vaccination

  • You need to allow 1 week for the preparation of the pet passport

  • Additional testing for travel outside of Europe can take longer; this depends on the individual case.


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