What to do in an Emergency

Call us immediately!

If you have an emergency during our opening hours please call us & we will arrange to see your pet as soon as possible.

If you have an emergency whilst we are closed then Vets Now are just a phone call away for FREE veterinary advice when we are closed.

Vets Now Emergency Ltd
1c Eynsham Drive

Tel: 0208 310 7713   


Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday 6pm – 8.30am
Saturday 12 noon to Monday 8.30am


About Vets Now

Making sure your pet receives the best possible care day AND night!

Pets can have the worst timing, such as falling ill or getting injured late at night or over the weekend. Sometimes those unexpected events can happen when our practice is closed. That’s why we have teamed up with Vets Now, our local ‘out of hours’ vets, to ensure you have access to the best possible care, whatever the time of day or night.


Vets Now provide the equivalent of an A&E or NHS Direct service for your pet. They are highly experienced in dealing with sick pets and emergencies and they are always available out of hours, either on the end of the phone to give FREE advice and guidance, or to see your pet if required.


The vets and nurses at Vets Now are fresh and ready to see and care for your pet, even at 2am (they sleep during the day)

We work very closely together, so following a visit to Vets Now, your pet’s detailed clinical notes will be sent to us. We all understand the importance of your pet as part of your family and will always ensure the best possible care is provided, no matter what time of day or night you call or attend the clinic.


Remember, Vets Now are just a phone call away for FREE veterinary advice.

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