Sometimes euthanasia is the best possible option.  It is something no one decides on lightly. However, if quality of life is no longer good enough, then it may be the only caring option.


Consider whether you would prefer your pet to be euthanised at the practice or at home.  We can help you with either. The other consideration should be your choice of how to deal with your pet after the euthanasia.  You can opt to deal with this yourself, or we can help with organising a cremation. You can chose to receive the ashes back if you wish. 


At the time of euthanasia we will ask you first to sign a consent form.  We will then ask you if you wish to stay with your pet during euthanasia or whether you would like to leave.  The choice is yours and please remember that there is no 'right or wrong'  way of dealing with this. 


A sedation may be given to help your pet relax.  We will then inject the euthanasia drug, after which your pet will lose consciousness.  Your pet will stop breathing and their heart will stop beating.  This may be accompanied by twitching, gasping, urination and defecation.  These are normal responses, so please dont panic if this happens. We will remain with you and your pet until their 'passing away' is confirmed, and we will then ask you if you would like to have some time alone with your pet.  


Everyone grieves in their own way.  You may feel shocked, numb, angry, guilty, anxious or relieved.  These are all normal emotions.  There is support available, and we can provide you with some contact details of organisations which can support you in your grief.  


We are very keen to help you cope with the decision and the process as much as we can, so please discuss any concerns you may have with us. 



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